Climbing Magazine Gives Tenshi Editors’ Choice Award

climbing logo 150-1Climbing Magazine

Jan. 2006 no.245

Make some room on the podium. NEMO’s 4-season, extreme conditions shelter, Tenshi has been given Editors’ Choice Award by Climbing Magazine in their latest winter issue. 

Field Editor, Jeff Hollenbaugh, had this to say:

“Often, new gear falls into one of two new catagories: An improvement on an old proven design, or an innovative approach that has yet to stand the test of time… The Tenshi clearly fits in the former of the above-mentioned categories, expanding and improving upon the Bibler I-Tent’s legendary design, which is exceedingly simple, yet very strong, and emphasizes minimizing weight and footprint. More than once, however, I’ve been left wondering why I even bothered to zip my I-Tent when as soon as I open the door I would find a pile of snow in my lap. The Tenshi’s retractable vestibule efficiently resolves this issue. Another simple yet effective Tenshi feature is the condensation curtain. This light 40-denier-nylon curtain hangs near your shoulders, sealing off the remainder of the tent from the water vapor you respirate while sleeping. An optional, removable, insulated floor covers the tent’s entire floor, held in place by the poles, making living space much more comfortable during expedition use.”

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