NEMO donates $90K worth of tents to Pakistan Relief

pakistanNEMO Donates Winterized Tents to Pakistan
NEMO Equipment, Inc. will donate the remainder of their 2005 inventory of 4-season tents to the homeless victims of the Pakistan earthquake. The tent model, Tenshi, was initially developed for high-altitude mountaineering and extreme winter conditions, making it well suited for a brutally cold winter in Kashmir.

Upon arrival in Pakistan, NEMO has arranged a partnership with The Adventure Foundation of Pakistan (a respected nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching outdoor survival skills and leadership) to establish and service a tent village for homeless families with small children in the region. FedEx and Pakistan International Airlines have generously donated the transportation of the tents from New Hampshire to Pakistan to make this relief effort possible. 

According to Reuters, it is estimated that about 80% of the 520,000 people living in the Pakistan controlled region of Kashmir are displaced from their homes and sleeping under plastic sheets. A great deal of other supplies have been sent to Pakistan, but there remains a significant shortage of winterized tents and blankets. The president of NEMO, Cam Brensinger, realized his company was in a unique position to make a humble but significant impact on the relief effort. Brensinger commented,”We left work after delivering the tents to FedEx with a new kind of feeling of accomplishment. I hope others in our industry that haven’t already made a contribution will join in. We feel very proud and lucky to have been able to make a difference, however small.”

In total, 133 tents will be sent to Pakistan totaling almost $90,000 of retail value. 

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