Explore Sweden: world class teams race with Hypno AR

swedenHypno AR will be traveling with three of the world’s top teams during Eplore Sweden, an AR World Series Qualifier that streches over 500km of Sweden’s wildest and most amazing high alpine terrain. Teams will be challenged by difficult navigation and disciplines that range from kayaking streams & lakes, intense ropeworks, mountain biking, trekking and mountaineering.

NEMO sponsored teams:
Nike ACG/Balance Bar, USA

Team Nomad, USA

Team Cross Sportswear, Sweden 

Hypno AR is NEMO Equipment’s ultra-light, rapid set-up, AirSupportedTM, adventure racing tent system. The shelter is freestanding, weighs just over 3lbs and carries up to four people. Hypno AR was co-produced with assistance from Team Nike ACG/Balance Bar. 


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