Nocturne™ 15 & Nocturne™ 30 Spoon™ Sleeping Bags Win Backpacker Magazine Editors’ Choice

NEMO’s new Spoon™ Shape sleeping bags have been receiving a lot of attention and accolades since we first released them at the end of 2012 and the biggest news came today—the Nocturne™ 15 and 30 bags have won the prestigious Backpacker Editors’ Choice award. 


“If you crave more space than a mummy provides, but don’t want the weight penalty of a rectangular bag, this is your ticket to dreamland,” said Kristin Hostetter, Gear Editor at Backpacker when asked why the Nocturne™ 15 and Nocturne™ 30 Spoon™ shape bags were awarded an Editors’ Choice. 

All of Backpacker’s Editors’ Choice winners must excel under extensive field-testing conducted by its team of editors, who take hundreds of new products every year into the backcountry to put them to the test. This rigorous process ensures that the performance of the winners is truly worthy of distinction and meets the guiding principle behind the program: gear that is of real value to the readers of Backpacker magazine, who are very active, long-term outdoor enthusiasts. 

Unlike conventional mummy shapes, NEMO’s new Spoon™ Shape backpacking bags give you extra space where it matters most. Wide in the elbows, the bag tapers down to the hips then gently flairs back out to allow room for your knees to naturally bend and shift throughout the night. This innovative bag profile offers restorative sleeping comfort while maintaining thermal efficiency and low weight. Details like the tuckable Blanket Fold™ and a waterproof-breathable footbox elevate comfort and protection for adventures near or far.

The Spoon™ Series has also won Outside’s Gear of the Show, Outdoor Retailer 2012.