NEMO adopts Jenness Beach

2008 backpacker gear guideAs part of our continual effort to give back to the environment, NEMO has adopted the northern end of Jenness Beach, a local favorite surf break for many NEMO employees. The adoption enables NEMO to keep the beach clean throughout the year and also track the types of debris to determine whether the trash is ocean-based or land-based. This data is helpful for determining the effectiveness of pollution laws and the types of outreach tactics that may need to be used. On January 21, 2008, NEMO joined a group of volunteers from the Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation for their annual Martin Luther King Day Cleanup. In our section of beach alone, over 45 pounds of trash was collected! Keep your eyes on the NEMO news for future clean up dates each month. For more information about adopting a local beach on the New Hampshire coast, please visit