Icicles in your wetsuit

We love Gear Patrol’s photo essay on Winter Surfing in New Hampshire.  It’s that the conditions are far from perfect that defines New England; the water is too cold, the trails are too rocky, the slopes are too icy. And yet, we love it—ALL of it. 

Like the essay says, there are no crowds, no one to impress. It’s just like-minded individuals chasing waves. But I would say not just for the sport of it, for the love of it. 
surffreeSurfers rotate in and out of the water during the lull between each set. Those exhausted after a few hours of floating in ice water emerge red-faced and smiling to swap stories and tips with those who are headed in. But conversations on the beach are brief; it’s too cold to stand around idly. With the elements stacked against them, it’s clear that these guys love what they’re doing and wouldn’t trade it for any fireside, not when the surf’s this good. Hour upon hour there’s a constant stream of people more than willing to surf in weather that would deter most people from taking a walk. There’s no crowd, no one to impress or meet at the beachside bar later on. It’s just like-minded individuals chasing great waves for the sport of it. Live free or die, indeed.