Great review of the Helio™ from Adventure Journal

From adventure journal Article by Brendan Leonard“The first thing you have to realize when you decide to buy a camping shower is it’s not a real shower. Regardless of what option you pick, you will not be comfortably standing in a private glass-sided box of warm steam singing Katy Perry songs with a bottle of Herbal Essences shampoo as your fake microphone with an unlimited cascade of perfect-temperature water flowing over you. You will have to buy an RV for that experience, and RVs are quite a bit more expensive than camp showers.When you use a camp shower, you have to be at a point where you’re excited about any kind of shower: wet wipes are great, but they only go so far, and creeks are unavailable for some reason or too shallow or too crowded. And you’re saying to yourself, Man, could I use a good hose-down of my [insert name of body part or body parts here].The Nemo Helio Pressure Shower, as these types of things go, is pretty rad. Imagine a three-gallon river dry bag that you seal, pump up with an attached foot pump, and then spray all over yourself with a nozzle not unlike the one on your kitchen sink. Fill it up with water (works best out of a garden hose or a water jug with a small opening), pump it until it’s bulging with pressure, and attack your funk with the spray nozzle. Lather, rinse, spray, repeat. Unlike at your last crappy apartment, you’re in charge of the water pressure—if it slacks, you can step on the foot pump a few times and get it back up.Nemo does not advertise the Helio as a solar shower, or a hands-free device, although plenty of people have had good results letting a full Helio sit in the sun for a few hours before use. Hands-free is possible, if you have a friend who’s willing to stand there and spray you down in the nude, either romantically or a la Mr. Wolfe in Pulp Fiction. I didn’t experiment with heating up water because of time/travel constraints, and had no problem with spraying myself.The Helio packs down to 8.5 inches in diameter and 5.5 inches tall, just a tiny bit bigger than my MSR cooking pot set. I think this is a pretty reasonable size for anyone who lives in a van and wants a showering option with some pressure behind it (lots of folks use it to rinse off bikes and/or to wash dishes).At $100, it’s quite a bit more expensive than most other shower options, but Nemo definitely has a good case that it’s the best option, and worth the money.”Read more articles by Brendan Leonard or Checkout the adventure journal site.