Gearjunkie | First Look: Big, Tall Tent From Nemo

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Nestled between granite outcroppings in Idaho’s City of Rocks, the vertical reach of our green and grey Nemo Wagontop 4P tent pierces the sky like a monolith.

Across the trail, the kids and I study the initials of immigrants, smeared in axle grease from their own covered wagons while heading west along the California Trail. “Wagons” have come a long way.

This year, Nemo brings us tall, livable space with the Wagontop 4P. As the name implies, its arched structure draws inspiration from the iconic conestoga wagons of the American old west.

The Wagontop became available last weekend. Here’s a peek into what it brings.

The Gear:
 Nemo Wagontop 4P ($450)

Available: Now (Jan. 2015)

Where To Test It: Family car camping, backyard sleep-overs, festivals

Who’s It For: Tall families of four or less