Gear of the Year: NEMO’s Tango™ Solo

OUTSIDE magazine has selected NEMO’s Tango™ Solo sleeping bag as a  recipient of its coveted Gear of the Year award for 2015. Just fourteen products earned this top recognition in its Summer Buyer’s Guide, truly a go-to list for the best gear of the season.

“The innovations in the field of adventure and outdoor gear never cease to amaze us,” said  OUTSIDE Buyer’s Guide editor Sam Moulton. “Our team of gear experts had plenty of difficult choices to make in putting together the Summer Buyer’s Guide this year, but after testing everything from hiking packs and running shoes to wearable tech and commuter bikes, we hand-picked the very best 350 products, including the fourteen very top performers that received our coveted Gear of the Year award.”

NEMO’s Tango™ Solo sleeping bag truly brings the most home-like sleep system to the backcountry. Integrating with any 20” or 25” wide pad, the roomy backless quilt offers full coverage while packing down smaller and lighter than most other 30 degree bags on the market. Stretch box baffles, insulated blanket fold, removable hood and waterproof/ breathable footbox come together for a complete comfort package.

“I love to sleep, especially after a long day canoeing, hiking or biking, when I need the rest most,” said Ryan Stuart, OUTSIDE Buyer’s Guide sleeping bag reviewer. “The bottom line is that I sleep more comfortably in the Tango™ Solo. When I’m warm-weather camping, its open back lets me sprawl out like I do at home. But I live in Canada and even in the summer we can get cold nights. So I also like that when the temperatures dropped, I could still hunker down in it, sleep warm close to freezing and still have lots of room for side sleeping.”

“We deeply appreciate the recognition from OUTSIDE for the Tango™ Solo. From the outset, our mission with sleeping bags has been to bring new thinking to the category, to raise the bar for overnights in the outdoors. By applying the backless design of a quilt type bag to a rectangular shaped bag, the Tango™ Solo offers unprecedented interior volume for its weight,” said Cam Brensinger, Founder and CEO of NEMO. “You can sleep like you’recar camping while you’re on a backpacking trip—and that fits with our mission of always trying to maximize the experience of adventure.”

NEMO’s Dagger™ 2P is also featured among the top tents for this season in the Buyer’s Guide.