A nanotechnology treatment that makes down water-repellant, and also provides anti-microbial and anti-bacterial protection. In the presence of moisture, DownTek™ treated down repels water while maintaining its loft and insulation value, even in the wettest of conditions.



An advanced multi-denier continuous filament insulation engineered for superior warmth, softness, and loft. PrimaLoft® SYNERGY is constructed of both fine and ultra fine denier continuous filament fibers

OSMO™ DT W/B Shell Fabric

15 denier high tenacity nylon constructed with featherweight Japanese fibers. Double ripstop threads in the warp and weft give the highest level of tear strength and durability. An ultralight waterproof/breathable coating on the back side of the fabric combined with the highest quality DWR on the face means that the sleeping bag stays breathable and won’t retain moisture throughout your adventures.

Two Way Muse Super Wicking Fabric

Machine-washable Muse™ Cover is smooth and sheet-like for sleeping cool on one side, and has gridded loft for blanket-like warmth on the other


210 denier nylon oxford embossed with subtle NEMO shield pattern to add strength. The fabric’s rigidity prevents the zipper from catching on excess fabric.