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6 Cool Campsites


What better way to see the world than with a tent and sleeping bag? Just add a fun campsite to the mix and you’ll never want to sleep indoors again. [...]

6 Indispensible Camping Hacks


Sleeping under the wide open sky is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Lugging everything and the kitchen sink and still feeling unprepared isn’t. Make sure your next trip goes as [...]

7 Tips for Running Hills

Hills… For many runners, the very word sends shivers down the spine. Race organizers boast about how flat their course is, and net elevation drops are advertised to lure runners [...]

About Magee Walker

A few years ago, Magee swapped out business suits for snow suits and hasn't looked back. She calls Whistler, British Columbia home, and spends her days exploring the local mountains.

10 Must-Haves for Backcountry Survival


Backcountry outings are an exciting opportunity for those seeking a primitive experience. Whether backcountry hiking or skiing, one never knows when Mother Nature will (not) cooperate. On your next adventure [...]

About Elizabeth Kovar

Elizabeth Kovar M.A. is a fitness trainer, freelance writer, workshop presenter and Reiki Master. Elizabeth has studied yoga in 5 different countries, with her main training coming from India. She has over 900 published articles and continuously seeks opportunities to travel and live abroad.