Career highlights:
First female ascent of “L’Arcadimicien” 5.14b, in Ceuse, France in 2009. This was my first 5.14b and also the first of this grade to be climbed by an Australasian woman.

Free climbing the “Salathe” 5.13b in 2011, on the 3,000ft El Capitan in Yosemite Valley. I became the second woman to ever climb this route and the first Kiwi to free climb El Capitan.

Breaking the female speed record on the Nose, El Capitan. Climbing the 3,000ft wall in 7.26 hours, then linking it to Half Dome, for the first female ascent of this famous linkup in under 24 hours, in 2012.

First female ascent of “Punks in the Gym” the first 5.14a in the world, established by the master of sport climbing – Wolfgang Güllich in 1986 in Arapiles, Australia.

Upcoming objectives:
Attempting to get the first female ascent of “Just Do It” the first 5.14c in the USA. Located at Smith Rocks in Oregon.

Some big long routes in the Wendenstock and/or Räditkon in Switzerland in summer.

Attempting to free climb the Nose, a 3,000ft 5.14a in Yosemite Valley and possibly one of the most famous routes in the world.