Career Highlights / Upcoming Objectives

Professional adventurer, photographer & film-maker.

Currently with Aaron Chervenak in the Amazon rainforest, 1500miles and 5months into the Brazil 9000 Expedition.

Travelling an estimated 5600 miles (9000km) across Brazil from its most northerly point to its southern extreme, using only ‘human-powered’ transport – paddling a canoe, hiking & cycling.

It’s a journey that has never been attempted, not even with the use of motorized transport.

The journey will be filmed for a feature length film / TV mini-series, creating an unprecedented portrait of Brazil and the Brazilians.

Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, UK


Where are we? Follow our progress live via our Yellowbrick tracking device:


My objective with Brazil 9000 is to encourage others, especially young people, to go out and explore the world. Traveling simple, and lightweight is key…this is why we chose NEMO for our adventure. Today its not about being the first person to explore a far off corner of the globe…its about inward exploration through experiencing cultural and environmental newness. There have been millions of gringos that have visited Brazil before us, but we have chosen to do so in a way that is slightly alternative, a way that engages with Brazil’s culture through the slowness of human powered transport. And human power is without a doubt the cheapest, most enriching, and most environmentally ethical mode of transport available to us.