Nocturne™ 15 & Nocturne™ 30 Spoon™ Sleeping Bags Win Backpacker Magazine Editors’ Choice

NEMO’s new Spoon™ Shape sleeping bags have been receiving a lot of attention and accolades since we first released them at the end of 2012 and the biggest news came today—the Nocturne™ 15 and 30 bags have won the prestigious Backpacker Editors’ Choice award. 


“If you crave more space than a mummy provides, but don’t want the weight penalty of a rectangular bag, this is your ticket to dreamland,” said Kristin Hostetter, Gear Editor at Backpacker when asked why the Nocturne™ 15 and Nocturne™ 30 Spoon™ shape bags were awarded an Editors’ Choice. 

All of Backpacker’s Editors’ Choice winners must excel under extensive field-testing conducted by its team of editors, who take hundreds of new products every year into the backcountry to put them to the test. This rigorous process ensures that the performance of the winners is truly worthy of distinction and meets the guiding principle behind the program: gear that is of real value to the readers of Backpacker magazine, who are very active, long-term outdoor enthusiasts. 

Unlike conventional mummy shapes, NEMO’s new Spoon™ Shape backpacking bags give you extra space where it matters most. Wide in the elbows, the bag tapers down to the hips then gently flairs back out to allow room for your knees to naturally bend and shift throughout the night. This innovative bag profile offers restorative sleeping comfort while maintaining thermal efficiency and low weight. Details like the tuckable Blanket Fold™ and a waterproof-breathable footbox elevate comfort and protection for adventures near or far.

The Spoon™ Series has also won Outside’s Gear of the Show, Outdoor Retailer 2012.

NEMO’s Upcoming Cold Weather Bag Wins Best in Show

GearJunkie150For Fall 2013, NEMO will be launching the first in its series of cold weather bags. Canon -40, which debuted at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market show in January, has won the Best in Show award from Gear Junkie. “A tsunami of gear hit the Salt Palace Convention Center in Utah this past week, where the twice-annual Outdoor Retailer trade show sprawled for tens of thousands of square feet. On display were to-be-released tents, packs, jackets, ice axes, GPS gadgets, fire-starters, lights, shoes and all manner of equipment and apparel imaginable. GearJunkie was on the ground with a crew of six editors and reporters to scour the halls in search of the most stand-out new items, our “Best in Show” picks for winter of 2013… This gear represents the state of the art in outdoors equipment and gear design,” said Stephen Regenold. “Minus-40 Bag (with blow hole). We gave the first generation of this bag recognition in 2011. But NEMO never got it off the launching pad. This year, the brand revised its Canon -40 bag to make it one of the most unique winter sleeping systems ever built. It uses 850-fill down throughout. The slots on front, called gills, zip open and closed to vent. A head-ensconcing hood is finished off with a PrimaLoft-insulated baffled tube that sticks up and offers a ‘stovepipe’ to breathe. The often-wet footbox area has a mix of down and synthetic insulation to keep the loft going even if snow soaks through. Finally, for moving around in the tent, cooking, and working with gear the bag has zip-open arm hole areas so you can do tent chores without ever getting out of the bag. Weight is 4 pounds, 7 ounces. $999.”

Canon -40 Wins Best in Show

GearInstitute150For Fall 2013, NEMO will be launching the first in its series of cold weather bags. Canon -40, which debuted at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market show in January, has won Gear Institute’s Best in Show. “The problem with this sleeping bag is obvious: On a bitter winter morning, you’ll never want to get out of it. NEMO’s Canon -40 is a waterproof shell stuffed with 850-fill down, with PrimaLoft synthetic (and down) insulation in the footbox. It features a “stove pipe” opening to warm air near your face, with arm zippers to allow you some mobility??”and so you don’t have to let a bunch of cold air in anytime you reach for some gizmo in the tent. 5 lbs (actual weight, 4 lbs., 7 oz.); $1,000.”

Helio Pressure Shower Wins Gear of the Year From Men’s Journal

GOY_12_cropped[1]“A backcountry shower may sound like too much of a luxury to fit in your pack, but the Helio stuffs down to a respectable 5.5″ x 8.5″ package and weighs a modest 25 ounces. Step on the foot pump to increase the pressure and enjoy the spray nozzle jet (and fairly warm water, too, if you let it sit in the sun all day). And why even worry about packing it??” it’s an especially welcome relief back at a car base camp after a muddy ride or dank, dusty day of canyoneering.” Learn more about Helio Pressure Shower. To see more Gear of the Year winners, click here.

Tango Duo Wins Dirtbag Award from

New England-based and focused bestowed its first-ever Dirtbag Award on NEMO’s Tango Duo. “Traditionally a tent making manufacturer with some sleeping pads tossed into the mix too, it’s only logical for NEMO to start making sleeping bags. They’ve got a list of new bags that have been in development for quite some time now. But the two that we looked at and paid the most attention to was the Tango Duo, $449.95, and the Muse Duvet, from $129.95 – $249.95. The Tango is something I would curl up in while sleeping in the back of my truck or to cuddle up to with a climbing partner…Aside from the price, this bag is the perfect back of the truck piece. The Muse Duvet is a cool concept, it’s a two-in-one bag. It is essentially a duvet you can toss over yourself and a partner in the cold parking lot or at the crag. If you’re a sleep-aloner, you can zip it up and use it as a sleeping bag. Both bags are down, compress well and are lightweight. But I don’t think you’ll be carrying it with you into the backcountry, you’ll likely leave it in the back of the pickup. Dirtbag Award: We liked the concept and where NEMO is heading with this…Sure there are blankets you can pick up at the Salvation Army or wherever, but watch out for bed bugs and you wouldn’t be supporting a company who is stationed here in the NE!” The Muse Duvet and Tango Duo are both currently available for pre-order, delivering in Sept. You can reserve yours at

NEMO’s Spoon Shape Series Sleeping Bags Win Outside Magazine’s Gear of the Show at Outdoor Retailer

GOS-OR12-metallogo_web[1]Outside Magazine awarded NEMO’s Spoon Shape Series sleeping bags with its Gear of the Show award on Aug. 2nd at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2012 Show. Meant as a precursor to the Gear of the Year awards given twice a year in Outside’s Buyer’s Guides – the Gear of the Show recognizes innovative products that the editors can’t wait to get their hands on to test. Only eight of the industry’s top products were bestowed the honor. “The Spoon is unique in that, up until now, there have really only been two sleeping bag shapes – ‘relaxed fit’ which is wide and comfy, but maybe not as thermally efficient, and ‘mummy’, which is narrow and warm, but sometimes not as comfortable. I’ve definitely heard complaints about this from readers and consumers – people can’t seem to find the sweet spot between warm enough and strait jacket…The Spoon Shape mixes the best of both worlds, creating a bag that you hope is as comfortable as the first type (relaxed) with the thermal efficiency of a mummy. So, we can’t wait to get our hands on it!” said Alicia Carr-Troxell, Outside’s Associate Managing Editor. What makes the Spoon Shape Series different? - The unique design follows your body’s contour to maximize comfort and warmth. There’s extra space around your elbows and knees to better accommodate side sleepers. - The waterproof/breathable footbox protects against tent wall condensation. - The highest quality insulations and baffling system are incorporated: PrimaLoft SYNERGY for the synthetic bags and DownTek water repellant 700 fill power down with Insotect Flow for the down bags. - An insulated Blanket Fold tucks in for warmth and adds home-like comfort. - Ultralight down-proof ripstop nylon shell. - 2-way zipper allows venting from the top and bottom of the bag. “Our entire sleeping bag line started with this one simple thought: maybe the traditional mummy shape isn’t the best design for a good night’s sleep in the outdoors. Over the last two years, we’ve researched how people sleep and came to the realization that almost nobody sleeps, well, like a mummy. We’ve developed the Spoon Shape to free your legs and unshackle your feet. Through extensive user testing we’ve refined the design to more closely mimic your body and accommodate all sleeping positions,” said Suzanne Turell, NEMO’s Director of Design. By partnering with the industry’s best insulation and technology companies, NEMO’s Spoon Shape Series offers the highest performing insulations the company has ever tested. PrimaLoft SYNERGY brings all the benefits of PrimaLoft (insulates even when wet, highly durable, extremely compressible), with the advantages of continuous filament technology for more loft, softness, and home-like comfort. The 700 fill power down withDownTek nanotechnology provides a water repellant treatment that maximizes down’s ability to insulate, even in the presence of moisture. And Insotect Flow, a flow-optimized insulation system that delivers uniform heat distribution and natural body contouring through its revolutionary vertical baffle design. The bags are offered in DownTek at 15 and 30 degrees and in PrimaLoft SYNERGY at 25 and 40 degrees. While the full-scale, global launch with outdoor specialty retailers kicks off spring 2013, a small production run of hand-numbered bags can be pre-ordered for September 2012 delivery, on a first come, first-served basis through NEMO’s microsite.

Espri LE 3P, One of Outside’s 7 Best Tents of Summer

2011ESPRI_LE3P_fly1Espri LE 3P “BEST FOR: Keeping your options open. THE TEST: Sometimes you need a huge vestibule, sometimes you don’t need one at all. We like that the 38 square-foot Espri lets you choose. Go with a simple door flap and save a few ounces, or zip on the mammoth 24 square-foot Trekking Pole Vestibule (optional)for an all-weather kitchen. And though we generally prefer double doors, a single portal can be worth the weight savings, especially when it’s as large as the Espri’s…[it] is remarkably sturdy for a tall, four-and-a-half pound tent, thanks to a trio of ultralight poles that intersect at three spots.” Buy it now.

Astro Insulated Awarded ‘Top Pick’ from Outdoor Gear Lab

GearLab_toppick“The NEMO Astro Insulated is the best all-purpose sleeping pad we’ve tested. This 2.5 inch-thick pad has horizontal air baffles, which make it feel wider and smoother than pads with vertical baffles…Most importantly, the Astro Insulated doesn’t skimp on comfort. The pad is more restful and homely than 15 of the 16 other portable sleeping pads we’ve tested…the Astro Insulated is a remarkably versatile sleeping pad. Its comfort and durability make it well suited to people who want one sleeping pad for everything from car camping to multi-day trips.” To read the entire review, click here.

Obi™ 2P Wins Editor’s Choice

ED_Obi2Elevation Outdoors, a great magazine based in Colorado that covers the outdoors and issues surrounding, recently awarded Obi™ 2P their Editor’s Choice award. “We were happily surprised to find out how spacious this tent feels for a light (about 3 pounds), two-person backpacking shelter – there’s 27 square feet of room inside. Its ingenious pole-and-foot-corner system make it a snap to set up, even when we were rushed by a full-force summer thunderstorm in Rocky Mountain National Park. We also appreciated how breezy it can be sans rain fly during a hot jaunt through Canyonlands. Best For: hardcore three-season backpacking.”

Astro™ Insulated with Pillowtop™ Named Gear of the Year

PrintThe magazine may be out of print, but the website is going strong. National Geographic Adventure, led by industry veteran Steve Casmiro, has named their Gear of the Year list for 2011and wouldn’t you know it, Astro™ Insulated with Pillowtop™ is on it. “The season’s best new equipment and travel tech enhance without distracting??”a refreshing return to well-considered simplicity.” NEMO Astro Insulated, With Pillowtop “Whoever said camping means forgoing the comforts of home never slept on NEMO?? s Astro Insulated pad paired with the NEMO Pillowtop. This sleeping system sports more than three inches of soft foam and air cushioning for an awesome night?? s sleep. Use them together for trailhead car camping, then leave the Pillowtop behind when you head into the backcountry. Without the Pillowtop, the Astro weighs a pound and a half and still provides 2.5 inches of dreamy bliss.”