NEMO Rockies Rep Eric Miller is a Certified Badass

We’re proud to report that our Rockies region rep Eric Miller just completed the Matterhorn Grand Loop with his good friend Thomas Taplin.  

Failure can often teach you much more than success. After an attempt last year had to be abandoned due to a large snow storm, they were successful this year in climbing one of the world’s most iconic mountain. In Eric’s words, “a horrendous 9 hour traverse/climb to the Carrell Hut on the Matterhorn… another 12 hour day climbing up the Italian Route to the summit then down the Horni Route and finally back into Zermatt. 2.5 days of amazing climbing, suffering and laughter.” 

A huge cheers to Eric, adventure and accomplishing hard-fought dreams. And being with it enough at the end to take a decent selfie.


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