An Epic, In Their Own Backyard

Linking together feats of strength, extreme logistics & planning, a plethora of mountain knowledge and know-how, and a once-in-a-lifetime weather window, Washington state locals Jason Hummel and Kyle Miller completed the American Alps Traverse earlier this June. 

In case anyone is wondering whether this is a BFD (#4, not #2), let’s just cut to the chase and say, YES. 


This epic consisted of over 16 days, 60,000 vertical feet, 120 miles, and a grand traverse of the Cascades, spanning from the North Cascade Highway through the rugged North Cascades National Park, connecting with the Suiattle High Route, hitting the summit of Glacier Peak, and winding out via Whitechuck River Road. Then magnify logistics to accommodate a 2+ week expedition, carrying unfathomable loads. Then, we begin to explore the depth of this accomplishment. 


And, in case you’re wondering, their tent of choice was Quantum Elite

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