Oddities, Curiosities, and Inspiration

Anchoring the corner of our NEMO design space is a 12 foot high rotating shelf, filled with oddities, curiosities, and design inspiration. Although it might look like an overgrown junk drawer, don’t be deceived by its appearance. 


It’s not just “stuff”, because “stuff” can disappear without any one noticing (or caring).

Every single thing on these shelves has sparked some tiny sliver of an idea, or inspiration in aesthetic, texture, form, color, function, and even delight. And in a way, this is where so many seeds of NEMO products are first planted.

Some of our favorites? For starters, there’s a 10 foot pole that can roll up to fit in your pocket. The eponymous Hoberman sphere. Magnets of silly strength. The organics section we especially love—bolstered by the amazing moose shed that Cam (NEMO’s founder and CEO) stumbled upon a couple years ago. 



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