NEMO Bikepacking Kit Review From GEAR JUNKIE

“A bag, a tent, mosquito netting; NEMO’s dedicated bikepacking kit fits on the bicycle and functionally crosses over into lightweight backpacking.You know a sport has arrived when REI releases an advertisement dedicated to it. Bikepacking’s tread has made an indelible impression, and one of the first mainstream companies to address it head on is New Hampshire-based NEMO Equipment.No stranger to the intersection of ultralight and functionality, NEMO has been developing cutting-edge outdoor gear since 2002. With the popularity of bikepacking, NEMO saw an opportunity and seized it by the handlebars.The bikepacking kit is composed of three specialized components: a floorless pyramid tent, a “bathtub” quilt sleeping bag, and a mosquito net bivy. We’ve been tooling around with the kit since fall and have unpacked it here in our review.”Read the whole article here: GEAR JUNKIE BIKEPACKING REVIEW By Steve GraepelLinks to the goods: APOLLO™ 3P BIKEPACKING TENT MOONWALK™ DOWN SLEEPING BAG ESCAPE™ POD 1P BIVY