6 Reasons Why Your Good Ol’ Tent Still Beats Airbnb

Becca Cole at First Beach in Washington

Becca enjoys an early morning on First Beach in Washington.

By Becca Cole, Customer Service at NEMO

Back to Washington

A few years ago my boyfriend, Fred, and I spent about one week hiking, trail running, and eating our way around Washington state during a cross country trip. Since then, we’ve been itching to get back. The mountains are mystical, and the food delectable.

Last week we finally returned. The focus of this trip was the South Coast Wilderness Trail and the Hoh Rainforest. Our flight was scheduled to arrive at 10pm, so being the young, painfully thrifty couple that we are, we opted for a dirt cheap Airbnb a quick Uber away from the airport for our first night. As soon as we opened the door, I was struck by the strange smell, stuffy air, and lack of windows. Bummer. I guess you can’t expect much more for $20 a night. Luckily, exhaustion was our friend, and we were able to quickly fall asleep and embark on our real adventure the following morning.

Night #2

On the second night of our trip, I wiggled into my plush sleeping bag, took in a sky full of stars, listened to crashing waves, breathed in salty ocean air, and couldn’t help but think, “This is SO much better!”

Evening at Toleak Point in Washington

Evening at Toleak Point in Washington from our NEMO Dagger 2P.

So naturally, I got thinking about 100 ways my tent beats that Airbnb, and I culled that list down to my top six. Here goes.

1. Money

Nuf said.

Swing at Toleak Point

Fred and I made a swing out of driftwood we found on the beach at Toleak Point.

2. No Commitment Itinerary

We’ve all been there before…you write out a bold itinerary weeks before your trip, and then you find yourself behind schedule, miles away from your next checkpoint. While those of us who’ve booked a room may be openly weeping over wasted money, or perhaps yelling at our travel companions to walk faster, those of us with a tent in tow are able to laugh at our absurd itinerary timeline and pitch our “room” anywhere.

3. The View

I have yet to find an Airbnb with a transparent roof. Who doesn’t want to wake up to a sky of stars for their midnight bathroom break? And is a pink sunrise not the gentlest awakening one can ask for?

First Beach in the Evening

First Beach in the evening with our Dagger.

4. Cleanliness

If there’s a stain on your bedding, you know why. When you peel back the covers and go, “uhhhh”, it’s quickly followed by “oh yeah, I was wrapped up in my sleeping bag when we were making s’mores”.

5. No Rules

There are no keys to lose, and no house rules to follow. If setting off fireworks is part of your bedtime ritual, you may even be able to…depending on the state.

6. The Chance to be Close

When else are all your loved ones in one 6×3 foot space? Even Fido is forced to cuddle. Embrace it!

Hoh River in Olympic National Park

Sitting by the Hoh River in Olympic National Park

Becca is one of the friendly voices who you speak with when you call NEMO Customer Service. She also puts her chemical engineering background to work as a product tester. She’s a former hut crew member for the AMC, as well as an ultra marathoner and trail runner.